Monday, October 6, 2008

News Bites Jessica Simpson Mobbed By Paps

Jessica Simpson

Expect burning effigies of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Donald Trump in comedic bit. The crowd of photographers has created an obstacle for Jess, who only wanted to go about your business. Jessica Simpson caused quite a riot when she and lookalike friend Cacee Cobb Left Madeo. But through it all, he still managed to smile and pose for a picture with a fan. Rosie on Variety Show, which will be characterized by Old-time Variety according to ODonnell. A monologue, skits, musical acts and celebrity guests will be. - Rosie O Donnell came to NBC with an hour-long special to air the night before Thanksgiving. We re hoping not think it was Carrie Underwood.

Kid Rock Quot Quot Roll On Quot Video Set To Debut

Kid Rock

Kid Rock Detroit-centric video for Roll On, shot at the Motown Museum in Detroit and other premises at the end of August, is set at Premiere today on MTV, VH1 and CMT. Hours, during musical interludes that air during commercial breaks. M., 8 p. Snippets of the video will be seen today on MTV in 4 ft. M. And 9 p. M. M. The video will be previewed at 1 p. M. Saturday on VH1 weekly countdown, according to a post on Rock Web site. Today on CMT during the network Top 20 video countdown show, and a 9 -., 5 p. M.

Leonardo Dicaprio Ellen Degeneres Star In Voting Video Melissa Etheridge Planning A Wedding The Morning After

Leonardo Dicaprio

By the way, the deadline for registering to vote in Ohio is Monday, October. Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Berry, Ellen DeGeneres Dustin Hoffman, Sarah Silverman, Jennifer Aniston, Forest Whitaker, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Courtney Cox, Will. Reverse psychology is used in online public service announcement for you Declare. Morning and a slew of other celebrities have a message for you this election season: Don t vote. Among the highlights: Silverman taking her bra. 6. Sorry guys, who keeps his shirt on. I. Jessica Alba made another announcement to Declare yourself, wear a mask Hannibal Lechter.

Anderson Urges Blanchett To Snub Armani

Pamela Anderson

The model / actress has teamed up with activists for the rights of animals to people for the ethical treatment of animals to encourage A-list stars to flee stylist Giorgio Armani over its refusal to reduce its fur lines, and now she taking aim at one of the fashion gurus closest friends. Blanchett wants to wear other designers creations for red carpet events until Armani is committed to stop the use of fur. Pamela Anderson wrote a stern letter to Australian actress Cate Blanchett, calling the Oscar winner to stop wearing Armani suits.

Must Win No But Colts Can See It From Here

Indianapolis Colt

A Houston victory Sunday would make the most of the doubts go away, at least for a couple of days. The Indianapolis Colt don t currently residing in the city Panic (pop. 53). A loss, In particular a loss in combination with another Tennessee victory, and Eli Lilly and Co will be forced to peak the city drinking water with Prozac.. They are, however, maintain the residence on the outskirts.